Sunday, December 13, 2009

USA Mutuals VICEX - Invest Your Knowledge Conference

Eric Lansky, CEO of USA Mutuals has announced the upcoming “Invest Your Knowledge” conference for shareholders and interested investors of the Vice Fund (MUTF:VICEX) on December 9, 2009. The NASDAQ traded USA Mutuals’ Vice Fund views the global alcoholic beverage sector as an important focus and on e in which our portfolio managers have special insights and knowledge. Some of the holdings in the fund as of September 30, 2009 include: Diageo (DEO), SABMiller (SAB LN), Carlsberg (CARLB DC), Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI BB), Pernod-Ricard (RI FP) and FEMSA (FMX). This call should be attended by anyone whom is seriously involved in the Alcohol Beverage Industry, as the insight gained can prove invaluable in the coming year.
Lansky hand selected Liquor Group Wholesale (LIQR) CEO C. J. Eiras to speak at the conference about the current workings of the alcohol beverage industry. “I am honored to be chosen to speak; Mr. Lansky has many options available for other speakers, I will do my best to provide meaningful insight...” says Eiras. Also participating on the call is Dr. Marcin Kacperczyk, Professor of Finance at New York University, co-author of the award-winning “The Price of Sin: The Effects of Social Norms on Markets”. Mr. Charles Norton, advisor for USA Mutuals will also speak about the Vice Fund and will be available to answer questions as well.
VICEX uses the Invest Your Knowledge call series to feature industry experts like Eiras & Kacperczyk who provide the opportunity of speaking directly to individuals and professional investors so they might gain real-world insights from people in the know. The USA Mutuals Invest Your Knowledge philosophy encourages individuals with specific industry knowledge to apply such knowledge to their investments. For those involved in the adult beverage marketplace, the Vice Fund may be of interest as one of the few funds which specifically includes alcohol as one of its primary investments.
Liquor Group* an organization that has both a private component and a small publicly traded component, continues to gain recognition as one of the fastest growing alcohol distribution companies in the USA, recently spreading its breadth of territory to 32 states. The rise of Liquor Group from a home garage in 2002 to its current state of operations spanning almost the entire country gives testament to what can be accomplished in this industry with the right ideas. The company recently acquired privately held alcohol distribution/brokerages in Illinois and Iowa, and intends to continue acquisitions capturing/controlling distribution/brokerage licenses in as many states as are available.
To register for the call contact USA Mutuals at 1-866-264-8783 or email:
For more information about Liquor Group, visit, and click here for a downloadable PDF of the entire paper “The Price of Sin: The Effects of Social Norms on the Markets”
* USA Mutuals is not an investor in Liquor Group Wholesale (LIQR)