Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Calling all the world's finest beverage marketers, vintners, distillers, and brewers! The World Beverage Competition entry period has begun.

Calling all the world's finest beverage marketers, vintners, distillers, and brewers! The World Beverage Competition entry period has begun.

The most exciting time of year is here at World Beverage Competition headquarters.
It's the call for entries for our 2018-19 competition series!

Who will bring home the coveted Platinum Awards?

Exclusively for tasting award winners: Spread the word with customized point-of-sale marketing materials such as bottle neckers, shelf talkers, & bottle stickers for Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners.

World Beer Competition BeerCompetition.com
World Wines Competition WinesCompetition.com
World Beverage Competition BeverageCompetition.com
World Spirits Competition SpiritsCompetition.com

We are anticipating an extremely diverse participant base this year due to the huge press reach of this prestigious event. The WBC is anticipating thousands of brands fiercely competing for top honors recognized internationally within the beverage community.

The World Beverage Competition is a truly unique arena, where small and mid sized up-and-coming beverage brands are able to contend alongside major beverage conglomerates such as Brown Foreman, Dannon, Bacardi, Diageo and Pepsico.

All of the World Beverage Competitions are judged simultaneously including the World Spirits Competition (SpiritsCompetition.com), World Beer Competition (BeerCompetition.com), World Wines Competition (WinesCompetition.com) and World Beverage Competition (BeverageCompetition.com).

For more information on the WBC, contact Info@BeverageCompetition.com or visit BeverageCompetition.com

World Beverage Competition

Beverages of all kinds
A tasting competition exclusively for non-alcohol beverages. Do you have an amazing new juice blend? Have you shipped in the most refreshing glacial water ever tasted? Let's see what the judges think.

World Spirits Competition
Gentlemen, start your stills
Has your finest scotch reached the perfect drinking age? Is your island rum ready for the mainland? Does your new flavored vodka aim to create a buzz? Enter now, and make spirits history.

World Wines Competition
Calling all vintners!
Does your fine wine have what it takes to compete? Are you daring enough to subject your most loved vintage to the scrutiny of The World Wines Competition judges? Be Bold. Good luck!

World Beer Competition
Enter your tasty brew
The World Beer Competition is the who's who of the finest brewers in the world. Do other ales pale in comparison? Do you brew the finest lager in the land? Let's leave it to the judges.
For Winners Only
Purveyors of products worthy of our accolades are in for a treat. Tell the world about your achievement with customizable point-of-sale materials, such as die-cut bottle neckers, shelf talkers, and bottle stickers.

Best of Show
The “Best of Show” award is granted to only one winner per category, which is chosen unanimously by the tasting panel as the finest offering of the competition. These Platinum Award Winning products should be regarded for the extra effort, creativity and care taken in bringing them to the market.